Monogold Apps

Monogold Apps is the umbrella name for a range of web/cloud-based software service solutions for a range of web/cloud-based software service solutions we offer in the areas of schools/education, CRM, sports, surveys, and finance. We have been working with clients in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Japan for almost 15 years ‐ and since 2017 we are also serving customers in Sweden/Nordics.

Monogold Education

Monogold Education is a modular solution with an extensive feature set, supporting the daily operation of primary schools and secondary schools in the areas of Administration, Communication, and Teaching and Learning.

Monogold CRM

Monogold CRM provides a range of generic and specific capabilities supporting organizations’ CRM and marketing operations.

Monogold Surveys

Monogold Surveys provides capabilities for publishing and participation in surveys, and for analyzing and graphically presenting survey responses and results.

Monogold Sports

Monogold Sports is aimed at providing an integrated application environment for sports associations, academies, and clubs to manage the information, processing, and communication related to competitions, leagues, results/scores, tables/rankings, athletes, teams, coaches, training sessions, enrollments, payments, members, etc.

Monogold Sports: Tennis is the first sports solution to be introduced.