Monogold Surveys

Monogold Surveys is a Monogold Apps solution providing capabilities for publishing and participation in surveys, for analyzing and graphically presenting survey responses and results, and for managing follow-up plans and tasks.

The feature scope of Monogold Surveys include:

  • Surveys and Survey Forms ‐ management of survey occasions and the content on survey forms, ie pages, sections, items (questions)
  • Survey Analysis ‐ display and presentation of survey results
  • Templates ‐ management of templates for survey invitations, survey reminders, and other communication
  • People ‐ management of the database of participants of the surveys
  • Plans, Goals, and Tasks ‐ information and capabilities specific to players

Surveys and Survey Forms


Configure each survey occasion in terms of:

  • name and description (multi-language)
  • dates/times: open, close, publish
  • which survey form to use
  • notifications (templates and schedule): invitations and reminders (email and/or SMS)
  • public/private mode: public mode allows anyone to respond who has access to the survey link; private mode provides a personal survey link to every participant

Survey Forms

  • Design branded multi-language survey forms for reuse
  • Forms are structured in terms of pages, page sections, and section items/questions
  • Select from a library of pre-defined metrics (ie a set of questions which combines into a single metric) or design your own form using available question types
  • Question types include single choice, multiple choice, matrix/table, and free text
  • Validation and conditional processing controls available, eg must select at least two choices, skip to page X if answer is 'A', etc
  • All devices supported: mobiles, tablets, computers

Survey Analysis

  • Flexible permission settings control access and visibility of results
  • Configure analysis breakdowns based on your organization's business nature
  • Analyze any metric in realtime
  • Navigate and review results online, export to PDF and Excel as required


  • Create branded multi-language templates used for survey invitations and survey reminders
  • Allows for context-specific senders/signatures for more personal and relevant messaging
  • Email and SMS templates are supported


  • Manage database of persons who will participate in survey
  • Complete flexibility in terms of attributes to be tracked and analyzed when survey results are aggregated and analyzed
  • Import from Excel

Plans, Goals, and Tasks

  • Follow-up on survey results by creating and assigning tasks to different people
  • Associate and link tasks to goals and plans
  • Automatic email notifications to task members when tasks are created or changed

Updated: 2018-02-24